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90 days left

Until the Meteor hits!

What happens then?


Hello, I am DumperJumper and I started DumperJumper's Roleplay on 2019-03-25.

I just got Eco two days ago back then and I was trying to find a server that fits my mind and values. I wasnt very successful with that because most server just did not run the game my style.

And that was the reason I started this. I want to play Eco on a realistic scale. I love how eco is designed and how the devs focus on gameplay instead of graphics. Many values of the devs correspond with my values and that my in looking forward into the future of this game.

Now, if I just wanted to play realistic I could just go singleplayer, but thats not how Eco is intented to be played. I want all that trading, working together, building infrastructure, forming governments, establishing a currency, all those things and conzepts that make Eco so unique and enjoyable.

My first attempt in running an Eco Server ended in me playing alone on my Server. I dont have too much time playing and being in game and thats the reason I want a self sustaining economy. I do not want to be the world leader or anything in the long run. I want the Community to govern itself.

Community Guidelines

Organic Development

Nothing will be cheated in place, not even by adminpowers. Everything is bound to develop organically. Outlaws will become citizens, infrastructure like roads and power grids will be developed and build by players on their own cost, governments will be formed. All that will happen when players feel the need to do so and take profit from it. Our civilization in Eco will develop like real ones do.

Community Administration

The community will be managed by themself. The Community Manager can nominate players for new roles like Community Moderators Community Administrators, but they will be voted (or declined) into their new role by the community. The Community Manager itself is a voteable position.


No leadership Position like the world leader, townsman or mayors will be bound to administrators. Everyone can be voted and nominated into any roleplay position.

World and Settings

Following are a few stats about the current world on DumperJumper's Roleplay

Started : 2019-04-23
Meteor : Yes
Meteor Hit : 2019-07-22 (90 days total, 90 days left)
Size : 2.07 kmĀ²
Collaboration : Medium Subject to change
Wipes : No Wipes
Speciality Cost Multiplier : 1
Skill Gain Multiplier : 1


Players main objetive on the server is to however defeat the Meteor that endangers all life on our planet. That will lead to build a thriving civilization where specialists can do what they do best and requires trading and a functioning economy, as not good scientist can spent half their day farming corn or hunting deer.

But what if we made it?

If we defend the meteor before it hits, congratulations! We saved our planet. A community vote will decide if we either wipe the world and all start over or if we want to keep our civilization and just play on.

Support the Server

If you want to support the Server, best you can do is to spread the word and vote for us on ecoservers.io. please use the button below for voting.

Channels, DumperJumper's Roleplay is advertised on:


Just join us! There is no whitelist.

IP: dumperjumper.com
Discord: discord.gg/32mxGdv


Creator of DumperJumper's Roleplay

"I am so exited for this project! I cant wait to see the first village form and grow to a town. I cant wait to see the first company that sells high quality food for faster skill progression or the first contruction company hiring masons!"